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Hurricane season is in full effect. Hurricane Harvey tore a hole in many hearts throughout Texas. There is massive flooding, and damages done by these storms, and they are not something to be reckoned with. Right now, there is a new hurricane on the horizon, as I write this, my family is preparing for a possible evacuation. The hurricane Irma, is in the Atlantic, and the forecasters are trying to narrow down it’s path. They are not sure where it will go yet, but where we live is a possibility. It made me remember about my hurricane checklist that I made last year. I’m happy to share it with you for free!

Be prepared for the next big hurricane. Grab this free printable hurricane checklist!

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This hurricane is now a Category 5 as of this morning (Sept 5th 2017). I have less than a week to prepare for one of the worst hurricanes to possibly hit our area in the last 30 years. Last hurricane season a Category 1 hit us and it hit pretty dang hard. Most of our citizens were without power for weeks, and some for more than a month. There was mild flooding, and many, many trees down. Maybe it was nature’s way of getting us ready for a larger much more terrible storm to come.

The stores are already out of water, and many of the canned goods. Thankfully, I have a slew of rice, beans, dried milk, and so on. I also have plenty of Mountain House foods, which I love because, just add hot water wait, and you have a REAL meal to eat!

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I hope it misses us, but you can’t pray for a storm to miss you and hit someone else. So I just pray that God will remember to protect us, and give us a safe place to stay. I will meet God halfway by making sure that my family is prepared.

UPDATE: Irma misses us mostly or we were basically on it’s good side. I heard a city a couple hundred miles away got smacked pretty hard, and ended up under water. Please continue your prayers. There are still people waiting for estimates for damages done to their homes.


Thanks for joining us, and don’t’ forget your Free Printable Hurricane Checklist .Be prepared for the next big hurricane. Grab this free printable hurricane checklist!


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